Women’s Health Issues

Natural Approach to Correcting Women’s Health Concerns

From unbalanced hormone systems, women derive a number of pre-dispositions to very common health concerns: Menstrual Irregularities & P.M.S., Infertility, P.C.O.S., Hormonal Weight Gain, Migraine Headaches, Estrogen/Progesterone Regulated Cancers and Libido changes.

A female patient will present to my office in their teens with P.M.S., in their 20's & 30's for fertility issues and in their 40's or 50's with breast or uterine cancer and all be treated for the same hormone imbalances. The impact of that statement is better understood if I point out that the patient who treats the root of the simple hormone imbalance in their teens, does not develop the fertility or cancer issues later in life. That is the definition of health care. Successful treatment is still available at any stage of the disease pathway but correction of the problem and prevention of disease is the key.

The natural approach is understanding that using medications to treat the symptoms could be a mistake by not first addressing the cause and underlying hormone imbalance.

-- Dr. Conan Shaw - Nutritionist, Pittsburgh, PA

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