Asthma – Nutrition for Health and Wellness

When your body is exposed to something that is viewed as foreign or potentially damaging, an immune response is triggered. With asthma, the immune system response is to produce mucous in the lungs. An asthmatic's respiratory tract is sensitive and when their body is under stress the lungs will be where these symptoms show up.

The nutritional approach to treating asthma is to first, find out what is causing the immune reaction and remove it from the immediate environment. Second, the function of the body and immune system need to be improved to be stronger than the potential stress the body is under on any given day. Once the immune triggers are removed and the body is healthier, there are no more asthma symptoms. Easy! Well, maybe not that easy. There are a number of potential asthma triggers stemming from environmental, seasonal, chemical, accumulative exposures, sub-clinical food sensitivities and even emotional or neurological origins. Dr. Shaw specializes in working with the functional changes in your body to correct the cause of the symptoms and remove the presence disease.

In working with a nutritionist you will hear the word "functional" quite a bit. What we are referring to is that not all problems show up in your blood work, and there may be a more subtle change in your system that is not bad enough to raise the red flags for your medical doctor. Asthma is a perfect example.

Most patients who treat in our office for asthma have already worked with an allergist and are using a myriad of medicines to control the symptoms. The nutritionist approach to correcting asthma will stop the need for the medications and restore normal health.

It is important to note that when your medical history and health related goals are explored, that consultation is held directly with Dr. Shaw, not an untrained individual, a questionnaire or a computer program.

We look forward to working with you to identify your immune system challenges.